"Do you know?! Where you're going to?!" 1975

Jay-Z in 1988, in London


Jay-Z with his four nephews Colleek, Jarrel, Mel, and Lavelle on the set of Amil’s 4 Da Fam video in 2000.

“”“Check it out, uh, uh
Dear nephews, I’m writing’ this with no pen or a pad
And I’m signing it, ya uncle, ya best friend, and ya dad
Don’t look back if you fall and you’re feeling bad
I’m right there from your cut to when you peelin’ the scab
If it comes a time when you ain’t feelin’ your real dad
Put my face on his body don’t wait for nobody
Don’t follow no nigga, that’s hoe shit man
Stand on your own two, do your shit man
The world is yours
Some girls are nice some girls are whores
Don’t listen to your crew
Do what works for you
Standin’ back from situations gives you the perfect view
You see the snakes in the grass and you wait on their ass
Bite your tongue for no one and whatever is said
Take it how they want, a closed mouth don’t get fed,
You know my number when it’s code red if you’re wrong my nigga
You’re my nephew, fuck it we get it on my lil nigga”“”

Jay Z - Anything

Dedicated to my Nephews. Ladie Huslaa

THATS how you feel.

kendrick at pemberton vibes
shot with w the lytro

Ok still love him!!!
archiegray asked: Hey Timbaland my name is Arch and was wondering if you could do a huge favor for me. Timbaland, if its not too much to ask, can you to look into my producer. I know it seems like a stretch, but we both really appreciate what you've contributed to Hip-Hop & R&B music. His YouTube profile is filled with instrumentals and mixes from records as far back as Da Bassment Era. His name on YouTube is "Jayplay01" If you listen to any track it should be "Feenin' (DeVante's Bass Remix)" it's my favorite.


sure, send ur beats on timbodaking@gmail.comĀ 

The OFFICIAL Timbaland!! officialtimbaland

Is so humble and down to earth!!! I wouldn’t know what to say. But Thanks!!!









I don’t see how black people feel comfortable living in Texas.

We don’t.

Texas is officially off my list of places to live

God this brings me to tears

And I just got offered a job in Texas. 

No, fuck Texas and that trife ass definition of a “drug overdose”



LORD PLEASE… HELP your children.
Prayers for the family